ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION is a critical and growing problem

300 million men (worldwide) suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.

1 in 4 are UNDER the age of 40.

ED medications do not work 33% of the time; 50% of men suffer one or more side effects from pharmaceuticals.

Eating before taking ED medications can drastically reduce intended effects.

2-3 hour wait period before drugs reach maximum effectiveness.

CirQ ViR Product Line
CirQ Span
Erectile Dysfunction Diagnostic and Monitoring Device
This is the FIRST erectile dysfunction diagnostic and monitoring device of its kind that can worn during sleep and DURING sexual activity. Span is an unobtrusive device that does not require users’ penis to be connected, via wires, to a machine/computer. CirQ Span can be used in real-world sexual situations recording never before recorded sexual / erection data. By monitoring erection data remotely, and inexpensively, users, doctors, pharmaceutical and medical device companies can get a more accurate baseline of users’ erections, as well as treatment effectiveness.
CirQ Halo
Erectile Dysfunction Assistive Device
An unobtrusive wearable device able to automatically detect penile blood-flow / rigidity, AND stimulate blood flow to produce and maintain erections. Sensor and actuation data analyzed through CirQ AI and connected via Bluetooth to mobile monitoring device.
Product Market Fit: Correct Condom Sizing for Brands and Consumers

Limited and inaccurate global penis size data.

Difficult for brands to manufacture and distribute localized product in various regions.

30% consumers experience problems with fit and feel of condoms.

Using the wrong condom size is both uncomfortable and unsafe.

31% of men have had a condom break during intercourse.

CirQ Vol
Precision Penile Measurement Device
Using an unobtrusive wearable device, overall penile measurements can be extrapolated with a high degree of accuracy. Penis sizes globally and locally widely vary. Using a correctly sized condom is both more pleasurable and safer. Condom manufacturers are currently making condoms in a wider variety of sizes.