Our Philosophy Don’t just add years to life, but LIFE to your years.
Our technology is dedicated to help you live your best life.
Affordable, non-invasive, and unobtrusive health, wellness, safety, and security devices.
Ultra-thin wearable sensors allow for accurate and difficult to capture bilogocal monitoring.
Data-driven Artificial Intelligence securely compiles a variety of metrics giving users personalized health and wellness information.
Provides users with algorithmically compiled medical expertise, such as lifestyle suggestions and warning indicators.
Global Data Ocean

The mass collection of biometric data is the fuel to enormous observations, granular insights, and impactful change. With the rise and adoption of mobile devices and biometric wearable sensors, “offline” data, not just how one interacts online, but how people behave in the real world and interact with their environment is clearer.

With growing populations and a truly global world, nothing is more important than understanding and improving people’s health.


Your privacy is very important to us. click link below to see how CirQ Technologies handles the data you provide when using your wearable device and its application.


1. Personal information you provide when logging onto the application and when using the device remains secure and confidential at all times. We do not sell it to any third parties.

2. We aggregate and de-identify certain information generated by our users to further medical, health, and wellness research and other academic and business purposes. None of it is traceable back to you.

3. Your personal information cannot be viewed by any other user.

4. We give you several ways to control the privacy of your personal information and are continuously working to enhance privacy options available to you.