Empowered health, empowered life.

By utilizing human centered design, modular hardware, AI, and design-for-manufacturing, core technology products can be developed and iterated upon quickly and effectively.

Designing advanced smart-material based sensors and novel user interaction with seamless hardware-software-user integration, providing RWE (Real World Evidence), by integrating AI and biometric data collection.


Wearable technology empowering women to better understand their unique bodies throughout various life stages.
Soft and safe biometric sensors, specifically designed for little ones, providing parents insightful and actionable data.
Advanced sensors and therapeutic devices focusing on sexual health and overall wellness improvement.
Patient Care
At-home / in-real-life monitoring and treatment of specific patient conditions to reduce health-care costs and improve patient outcomes.


CirQ Technologies is a health-tech company focused on creating non-invasive, graphene-based bio-sensor technology platforms using proprietary sensors and modular technologies including low-cost sensors, wearables and smart clothing applications.