BiBe is a disposable, single-use blood alcohol concentration (BAC) sensor so users can drink responsibly and safely in any environment.

Without the need for batteries or charging, the extremely small and low-cost device can attach directly to bottle tops or other alcoholic beverage packaging.

By personally monitoring consumption, drinkers will have the information to know when it’s time to take a break, drink some water or eat some food, or maybe call an Uber home.

This is especially true for day-long sporting events, BBQs, or other holidays when the effects of alcohol become less apparent through slow and sustained drinking.
An Easy to Use Solution for Identifying and Monitoring Blood Alcohol Concentration
How to Use BiBe

Users simply remove the test strip from the bottle cap and packaging and blow directly (within 2cm) onto the sensor for 3-5 seconds.

The sensor will rapidly change color indicating the person’s BAC.

For more in depth monitoring of BAC over time, BiBe can sync BAC data to a mobile device.

Users can track their blood alcohol concentration, as well as add food and water intake to be used by built-in machine learning algorithms to predict when BAC levels will reduce back to normal levels.

Understanding “BAC” and “Moderate” Consumption

BAC or “blood alcohol concentration” is the percentage of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream.

A variety of personal biological and lifestyle factors make the effects of alcohol differ from person to person, and day to day.
  • BAC from
    .04 - .05%
    is considered moderate. Where the consumer is feeling the effects of alcohol: lowered inhibitions, feeling good, and quicker to smile.
  • BAC from
    .05 - .11%
    BAC from the drinker will physically and mentally feel about the same as moderate drinking but will be more visibly impaired to others
  • BAC of
    is the legal limit to drive in the United States.