Our Scope

Respiration Monitoring

(contactless & wearable)

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Body Temperature

Monitoring and Regulation

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Flexible Electronics

(including batteries)

Stretchable Sensors

Smart Fabrics: integrated lighting, temperature regulation, posture detection, respiration monitoring


Advanced smart fabrics / materials

Unobtrusive, integrated electrical components

Durable and washable interwoven sensors

Customizable lighting integration

Wireless communication capability

CirQ Innovation Hub Process

  • 01
    Client Goals / Objectives / Initial Idea Generation
  • 02
    Human Centered Design Deep Dive
  • 03
    Concept Collaboration
  • 04
    Design: visual, industrial, software and systems, design for manufacturing
  • 05
    Manufacturable Prototype: for testing
  • 06
    Design Iteration (possible)
  • 07
    Manufacturing and Delivery
Case Studies
Blue Sky Lab: Atmoblue

Award-winning ATMOBLUE is the world’s first wearable, smart air purifier; a patented air filtration system uses industrial grade, replaceable filters,blocking 99.97% of air particulates.

Cambridge Mask

Cambridge Masks™ filter more than 99% of all bacteria, viruses and air pollutants utilizing exclusive military grade filter technology.

Connected Insole

Measuring the user activity and smart insoles dedicated to healthcare professionals.

The connected insoles capable of analysing the walking profile and detecting mobility disorders.

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